According to WebMD, blackheads occur when sebaceous glands become blocked and oil builds up under the blockage. The oil sediment turns black because it oxidizes when it is exposed to the air. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes

According to WebMD, pain in the back of the leg can be caused by muscle cramps, tendinitis, broken bones, blood clots, infections and lower-extremity peripheral arterial disease, among other causes. Sciatica and diabetic... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Gas and bloating can lead to back pain in some cases, according to Back Pain Health Center. This type of pain is typically caused by trapped gas putting pressure against the abdomen or spine. More »

The most effective way to get rid of deep, inflamed blackheads, according to Paula's Choice, is by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, reducing oil and restoring it back to normal production levels. Th... More »

The best way to remove blackheads on the face is by exfoliating with a salicylic acid scrub according to the experts at Clearsil. The scrub removes the dead skin cells so that the salicylic acid can break up the dirt tha... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes

To remove blackheads, wash the skin, unplug the pores with pore strips, exfoliate with baking soda, and apply a purifying clay mask. To prevent blackheads from reappearing, perform this 20-minute procedure at least twice... More »

Blackheads are typically the size of the pores or hair follicles they clog, between 2 and 4 millimeters, according to AskAnEsthetician. However, blackheads can grow larger. In 2013, a woman had one removed after 25 years... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes