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Causes of Balance Problems People are more likely to have problems with balance as they get older. But age is not the only reason these problems occur. In some cases, you can help reduce your risk for certain balance problems. Some balance disorders are caused by problems in the inner ear.


Causes. Balance problems can be caused by several different conditions. The cause of balance problems is usually related to the specific sign or symptom. Sense of motion or spinning (vertigo) ... BPPV is the most common cause of vertigo in adults. You might experience a spinning sensation when turning in bed or tilting your head back to look up.


Many older adults experience problems with balance. There are a myriad of causes of balance issues in elderly adults, some treatable, and some with which seniors must simply learn to cope. So what causes loss of balance in the elderly? People generally think balance is controlled by the inner ear, which sends information to the brain about the ...


Balance problems can stem from a specific injury, disorder, or disease. The cause could be one of the balance problems outlined below. The Five Most Common Balance Problems . Since it’s Balance Awareness Week, we wanted to share a quick summary of balance problems that caregivers and seniors should know about. 1.


Gait and balance disorders are among the most common causes of falls in older adults 5) and often lead to injury, disability, loss of independence, and limited quality of life 6). Gait and balance problems are usually multifactorial in origin and require a comprehensive assessment to determine contributing factors and targeted interventions 7) .


Balance problems can be temporary or a long-term issue, depending on what causes them. If you have an ear infection or have just traveled on a boat, the condition generally clears up in time with ...


Balance problems are frequently associated with the normal aging process, and many seniors begin to compensate for their lack of balance without trying to identify the cause. Yet, many of the most common causes of balance problems can be prevented or treated if they are recognized early.


Older adults may be taking many medications or coping with chronic conditions that can cause problems with balance. Often several conditions can come together to produce balance problems. Some of those chronic conditions are: inner ear problems, including vertigo


6 Simple Ways to Regain Your Balance and Prevent Falls. By. ... sometimes causes by inner-ear problems. ... How Helping Young Adults With Autism Keeps One 84-Year-Old Happy and Healthy.


Epidemiology. The most common risk factors for mobility impairment are older age, low physical activity, obesity, strength or balance impairment, and chronic diseases such as diabetes or arthritis.; The prevalence of gait and balance disorders is around 10 % between the ages of 60 and 69 years and more than 60% in those over 80 years [].; About 30% of people aged 65 years and over have a fall ...