Baking soda can be used as a laundry detergent substitute. Baking soda has many uses around the home as it has natural cleaning power and odor removal properties. More »

There are several suggested substitutes for commercial dishwasher detergent that use household products you probably have on hand. A combination of equal parts baking soda with liquid dish soap, borax or laundry detergen... More »

HE stands for 'High Efficiency' laundry detergent. Such detergents are formulated for use in high-efficiency washing machines, including front load washers and top load washers using less water. HE detergents are low-sud... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Baking soda can be used in laundry; a half-cup added to the washer is one way to boost laundry detergent and bleach. Baking soda also softens clothing. It is safe in both high-efficiency and standard washing machines. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

Woolite is one of the leading brands of laundry detergent, as of 2014. It is owned and manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, and the company's headquarters is located in the United Kingdom. More » Home & Garden Cleaning Laundry

To prevent the spread of Clostridium difficile from soiled clothing or linens, wash the laundry at the highest temperature that is safe for the fabric, use the manufacturer's recommended amount of laundry detergent and a... More »

Use liquid laundry detergent and hot water to remove water-based ink stains, and apply rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or acetone to get rid of permanent ink stains, according to Rubbing alcohol or nail p... More »