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For young guinea pigs (less than one year old), a guinea pig that is pregnant, or for those guinea pigs that are sick and a vet recommends it, you can also feed alfalfa hay. Now you have a better idea of what human food your guinea pig can eat in moderation as well as what to feed them on a daily basis to keep them healthy and happy.


Guinea Pig food list - food they can eat and food they should not. We provide an detailed list of food your Guinea Pigs really like and also a blacklist which food should not be provided to build up a proper diet.


Guinea pigs are always eating. Whether it’s pellets, grass hay, daily greens, or the occasional fruit snack, it may often seem like your guinea pig is born to eat (and create magic beans). With an insatiable diet comes the responsibility to learn what constitues a proper guinea pig diet. Choosing guinea pig safe foods can be a bit of a challenge.


Knowing what can guinea pigs eat and what guinea pigs can’t eat is really important since you don’t want to poison your pet with something you think it loves. The guinea pig is now a famous pet in the United States because of her affectionate nature and easy care. Guinea pig predominantly feeds on grass which is also their natural diet.


Don’t feed your guinea pig the same vegetables everyday – Variety is the key for maintaining guinea pig’s health. Be cautious about vegetables from the freezer – if the food is too cold, guinea pigs can get diarrhoea. NOT recommended: iceberg (high in nitrates and low in nutrients, can cause diarrhea if given in excess).


Guinea pigs can eat a variety of vegetables and fruit. Our guinea pig fruit and vegetable list tells you which foods are safe for your pets to eat complete with nutritional values and how often they can eat them. Fruit & Veg chart to help you with what they can eat often, regularly or as a treat.


Since guinea pigs can’t eat garlic or onions, much of our cooked food is off-limits as well. It’s generally best to stick to feeding your guinea pig a diet of hay and high-quality pellets, with occasional treats of fresh fruits and veggies. Read More. The 7 Best Guinea Pig Foods of 2019


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Leaf Lettuce? Green leaf lettuce is a relatively healthy type of lettuce to feed your guinea pig. It isn’t as nutritious as romaine lettuce, but it is a much better option than iceberg lettuce. While green leaf lettuce doesn’t have as much Vitamin C as romaine lettuce does, it has more than most other lettuces do.


Your lovable guinea pig surely relishes being spoiled with occasional yummy treats. Besides regular pellets and the hay guinea pigs normally eat, they would also be grateful for being offered fresh veggie and fruit snacks from time to time. Thus, the following question might come up: can guinea pigs eat lettuce? Yes. Guinea pigs can eat lettuce.


The below Guinea Pig Dangerous Foods List is a compilation of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are not safe for guinea pig consumption. Jump to the Guinea Pig Safe Food List to find out what plants are edible for guinea pigs.