The black bear is formally known as the American Black Bear, because it is native to North America. The black bear is medium in size, and is the most widely distributed species of bear in North America. Black bears are o... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

Spirit bears, which are North American black bears with recessive genes that turn some bears white, eat mainly vegetation such as grasses, fruit, berries and nuts, as well as the shoots and buds from trees and other plan... More »

Most bears are apex predators, meaning that as healthy adults, they do not have any natural predators. However, the young of many bear species are at risk to several large predators. According to the Washington Departmen... More »

The black bear is the most common type of bear in North America. It climbs trees well and usually lives in forest environments, although it also lives in mountainous or swampy regions. Its coat may be bluish-gray, bluish... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

The black bear is a small bear found in North America that has short strong claws, making it an excellent tree climber. Black bears can be various shades of black, brown and cinnamon colors. There is a rare subset of thi... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bears

The American black bear is an omnivore found across North America. Black bears mostly eat plant foods supplemented by carrion. Black bears prefer forested areas with sparse human habitation. Cubs are sometimes killed by ... More »

Black bears live only in North America. They make their homes as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico. They typically live in well-forested areas but sometimes populate mountains and swamplands. Black bears are... More »