Stink bugs are attracted to the foul chemicals and pheromones that other stink bugs give off. The brown marmorated stink bug, in particular, gives off an odor that helps attract stink bugs to adequate shelters during the... More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Stink bugs are often attracted to homes in the autumn because they are seeking a warm place to spend the winter. Because they are attracted to light, it is best to keep porch lights off at night and to draw the shades. D... More »

A method to make a stink bug trap is by using ingredients, such as water a roasting pan, desk light and some dish detergent soap. Although this simple trap requires these common household items, the trap is effective bec... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

Stink bugs, also known as shield bugs, appear similar because of the flat, shield-like shape of their bodies. There are several species of stink bugs, each with its own unique markings. More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Stink bugs are capable of flying. The most skilled fliers of these insects are the more mature stink bugs. Mature stink bugs grow to be no more than 2 centimeters long. More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Bugs appear to sleep. They spend a lot of time in a state called torpor. During torpor, insects don't move unless aroused by a strong stimulus such as a predator attacking. More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Springtails are tiny, jumping insects that live mainly in moist soils. They vary in color, but most are purplish or dark gray. Springtails are wingless, but they have a tail-like appendage known as the furcula, which ena... More » Pets & Animals Bugs