According to, zero is a neutral number or integer since it is neither negative nor positive. Whole numbers to the right of zero, or greater than zero, are known as positive integers. Whole numbers to the ... More »

A cubed number in math is one that has been multiplied by itself three times. They are called cubed numbers because the height, width and depth of a cube are all the same. The cubes of whole numbers, or counting numbers,... More »

According to Math Goodies, compatible numbers in math are whole numbers close in value to the real numbers but allow easier computation. Compatible numbers are either rounded up or down to give a whole number. The answer... More »

A prime number in math is an integer greater than 1 that is evenly divisible by only 1 and the number itself. One is not considered a prime number, because prime numbers by definition have two factors, and the number 1 o... More » Math Numbers

An extremely difficult math equation is the Jacobi-Madden equation, a4 + b4 + c4 + d4 = (a + b + c + d)4 where variables a, b, c and d can be any positive integer, negative integer or zero. The Jacobi-Madden equation is ... More »

A positive integer is a number greater than zero that can be expressed without using a fraction. Five, 72 and 100,000 are all examples of positive integers. More »

A rational number is one that can be represented as a ratio of two integers, that is, by one integer divided by another integer. Zero divided by any non-zero integer is zero. Because zero can be represented as the ratio ... More »