The pros of totalitarianism, as with any dictatorship, derive from the strength of the state and its ability to take action promptly and advance its own interests. The primary con is that individual freedoms are nonexist... More »

The key traits of totalitarianism are a one-party rule with a dictatorship, a dynamic leader, an ideology that sets the goals of the state, and methods of law enforcement that ultimately censor what people can read and w... More »

Some advantages of autocracy can include strong, centralized leadership and an increased ability to make decisions quickly. Some disadvantages of autocracy can include limitation to a singular viewpoint and the people's ... More »

A military dictatorship is an autocratic form of government in which military leaders govern the state. Normally, they result from a coup that topples the government. Military dictatorships are prevalent in countries whe... More »

Totalitarianism is a form of government where the state has total power, but in a democracy, the people of a country (or region) vote to elect leaders who act on their behalf. A totalitarianism government typically has a... More »

A pro of imperialism is it that it can modernize other nations. A con of imperialism is that it has led to the murder of millions of people throughout history. More »

A direct democracy permits citizens to directly vote on legislation rather than voting for a representative who takes on the task himself. Because the decision making process is left to the people, this form of governmen... More » Government & Politics Types of Government