A seven-sided shape is called a heptagon. A heptagon is one type of polygon, which can have any number of sides. More »

A flat 10-sided shape with sides of equal length is called a decagon. A solid 10-sided shape with faces of equal size and shape is called a decahedron. More »

A nonagon is a closed shape that has nine sides. If it is a regular nonagon, all nine sides are the same length, and all the angles are equal. More »

In geometry, the term congruent refers to two items being the same size and shape. Congruent can be used to describe shapes, sides, segments and/or angles. More »

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If a shape or image can be rotated less than 360 degrees and still retain the same appearance, this shape has rotational symmetry. For example, a five-pointed star can be turned to allow a different point to face upward ... More »

A nonrigid transformation describes any transformation of a geometrical object that changes the size, but not the shape. Stretching or dilating are examples of non-rigid types of transformation. More »

A kite is a real life example of a rhombus shape. However, while a kite has a rhombus shape, it is not a rhombus. More »