Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country, with an area of 173,860 square miles. Bordering Finland and Norway, it is also the most populous country in the region, with over 9.7 million inhabitants as of 2014. Swedes are... More »

In terms of physical geography, the Scandinavian peninsula comprises Sweden, Norway and the northern portion of Finland. Denmark, which is situated to the south of the promontory, is part of the North European Plain. More »

The countries that make up Scandinavia are Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Finland and Iceland are sometimes included as well. Sweden, Norway and Finland are found on the actual Scandinavian peninsula in the north of Europe.... More »

Iceland is a volcanic island country that has an area of 39,768 square miles and 3,088 miles of coastline. Its highest point is Hvannadalshnukur at 6,922 feet. It has a rugged landscape with sulphur beds, hot springs, la... More »

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Stockholm is located in the country of Sweden. Sweden, which is part of Scandinavia, is situated in northern Europe between the borders of Finland and Norway. More »

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Lonely Planet and WorldAtlas.com both offer high-quality maps of Sweden that list major cities within the country. Lonely Planet's map lists more cities, while WorldAtlas.com has political and geographical maps that incl... More »

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A person from Sweden or Norway is called a Scandinavian if the specific country is unknown, a Swede if the person is from Sweden and a Norwegian if the person is from Norway. The adjective forms are Swedish and Norwegian... More »