Donors must pay a gift tax on transfers of money or property for which they do not receive full compensation, reports the Internal Revenue Service. A number of types of gifts qualify as exceptions to the tax. Donors must... More »

A single taxpayer can give up to $14,000 to a relative or anyone else without owing gift taxes, as of 2015. Married taxpayers can give up to $28,000 before owing gift taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service. More » Business & Finance Taxes

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The rule for the annual gift tax is that when money or property is exchanged without any expectation of receiving something of equal value in return, a gift tax may be imposed, says the Internal Revenue Service. Gift tax... More »

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The IRS requires that individuals providing others with gifts pay a tax, unless special arrangements are made so that the receiver bears financial responsibility for the remittance, according to the Internal Revenue Serv... More » Business & Finance Taxes

A person can gift money to a family member without paying tax by not exceeding the basic exclusion amount, notes the official web site of the Internal Revenue Service. The basic exclusion amount is a lifetime limit that ... More »