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The purpose of a primary election is to narrow the field of candidates before a general election. Primary elections allow the people to play a larger role in the nominations of the party. The two main types of primary elections in the United States are open and closed elections.


An election is a process where citizens vote to elect officials to office or vote on bills and amendments trying to be passed. Modern representative democracy has functioned on this system since the 17th century.


The main types of elections are primary elections and general elections. A primary election is one where a party chooses the candidate to represent the party in a general election. A general election is an election where multiple candidates vie for a political position.


There are three basic types of elections in the United States: primary, general and special. Elections are held on the federal level to elect the president and Congressional leaders while state and local elections are used to elect governors, state legislators and local office holders.


Barack Obama, Darcy Richardson, Keith Russell Judd, Bob Ely, Randall Terry, Jim Rogers, Ed Cowan, Vermin Supreme, John Haywood, Craig Freis, Cornelius Edward O'Connor, Edward O'Donnell, Bob Greene, Robert Jordan and Aldous Tyler were the democrats that ran in the 2012 primary election. Obama was the


Humanities electives include courses on African-American history, art, anthropology and English literature. Course about music, philosophy, Asian religions and theatre are other examples of humanities electives.


The 23rd Amendment establishes that the President of the United States is chosen by a vote of the members of the Electoral College. The electors are apportioned to each candidate in the race according to the results of popular votes among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Direct election allows the voters to directly elect political officeholders through an electoral system without electing another body first that then elects officeholders, such as in an indirect election. Examples of direct election are U.S. House of Representatives and the European Parliament. An e


Candidates in a primary election are seeking to secure the nomination of a certain political party so as to allow that candidate to run in the general election ballot. After candidates file to run in the primary election, voters select a single candidate for each office to represent their party.


A primary source is a document used in research that provides first-hand, direct evidence of a particular time period or event. These sources are either recorded directly at the time the event took place, or chronicled at a later date.