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So your business has a website — or you're in need of one for your brand new venture. Web design can be an overwhelming process, so we've spoken to a few web designers who told us what you need ...


Websites are a necessity for businesses of all sizes today -- though, surprisingly almost half of small businesses don’t have websites. Still, there are so many design options to choose from and ...


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Post articles on your site, offer a newly updated "Internet Special" or provide fresh, helpful links. All these things cause visitors to bookmark your site as a reference tool. 7. Clear and to the point. Visitors should have a clear understanding of what your Web site is about when they visit.


All websites are unique in their own way but there are certain elements that every e-commerce site should have to stay relevant and competitive. Here is a list of 15 must-have features that ...


Website Features Checklist: The 65 Ultimate Must-Haves for Your Site by Douglas Karr on Martech Zone


Learn about elements of modern web design and what you should be incorporating into your website. ... have noticed that many B2B websites are starting to display large product images on their sites to highlight different features or parts of their product. This is no coincidence.


Help users navigate to a specific area on your website. Add anchor links to buttons or texts to take users to an important part of the webpage, or use anchor links to create a beautiful one-pager website.


A critical, but often overlooked component of a successful website is its degree of usability. Your site must be easy to read, navigate, and understand. Some key usability elements include: Simplicity: The best way to keep visitors glued to your site is through valuable content, good organization and attractive design. Keep your site simple and ...