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Suppositories have a base made from substances like gelatin or cocoa butter that surrounds the drug. As the warmth of your body melts the outside, the drug slowly releases.


A suppository is a solid dosage form that is inserted into the rectum (rectal suppository), vagina (vaginal suppository), or urethra (urethral suppository), where it dissolves or melts and exerts local or systemic effects. Suppositories are used to deliver medications that act both systemically and locally.


The main goal behind most suppositories is to soften stool and make it easier and less painful to pass. Glycerin is unique in that it is a naturally occurring substance made primarily of sugar and alcohol that dissolves quickly and provides exceptional lubrication. These sorts of suppositories are ...


What are some things I need to know or do while I take Glycerin Suppositories? Tell all of your health care providers that you take this medicine (glycerin suppositories). This includes your doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists. Do not use this medicine (glycerin suppositories) for more than 1 week unless told to do so by your doctor.


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How to make homemade suppositories? One advantage of making your own suppositories is you have full control of what ingredients to use to suit your unique needs. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of homemade suppositories plus different recipes that use safe and gentle ingredients.


Suppositories made with glycerinated gelatin must be kept in well-closed containers in a cool place since they will absorb and dissolve in atmospheric moisture. In addition, those intended for extended shelf-life should have a preservative added, such as methylparaben or propylparaben, or a suitable combination of the two.


The methods are convenient, useful and cost very low compared to ready-made molds. You can rely on them. Since suppositories are for sensitive use, you may consult your doctor for the base material. The ideal period for the use of suppository is one week. Using any suppository for more than a week may have adverse effects.


Suppositories are solid, bullet-shaped preparations designed for easy insertion into the anus (back passage). They are normally made of a solid vegetable oil that contains the medicine.


Last year the agency issued a similar warning that Phenergan (promethazine HC1) tablets and suppositories, made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, were contraindicated in children younger than 2 years due to the potential for fatal respiratory depression. Promethazine contraindicated for kids under 2.