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Sundry income is income generated from sources other than a company's normal income-generating business operations. This includes any income not generated by the sale of the company's products and ...


Sundry assets -- Unclassified remaining and usually unimportant assets. About the author. Mark McCracken. Author: Mark McCracken is a corporate trainer and author living in Higashi Osaka, Japan. He is the author of thousands of online articles as well as the Business English textbook, ...


Property acquired through foreclosure with the intent to sell in the near future is included in sundry assets and was CHF 10 million and CHF 13 million for the years ended 31 December 2003 and 2002.


What Is a Sundry Account? A sundry account is a business account where miscellaneous income is reported. This income is not generated by the sale of the company's products or services, but must be accounted for because it increases the company's overall profits and thus its net worth.


In accounting and bookkeeping, sundry expenses are expenses that are small in amount and do not occur often. By definition, sundry expenses do not include regular payments of any kind or those that would be defined as capital expenses, such as tho...


Sundry Asset. An item of value to be held by a corporation for an indefinite time. This category includes unimproved land and investments in subsidiary concerns.


Many translated example sentences containing "sundry assets" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.


What is the meaning of sundry and sundry debtors? Definition of Sundry. Sundry can mean various, miscellaneous, or diverse.. Definition of Sundry Debtors. Sundry debtors could be referring to a company's customers who rarely make purchases on credit and the amounts are not significant.. Example of Sundry Debtors


The word "Sundry" is used for items which are not important enough to be mentioned individually. Sundry expenses are costs incurred for small things which can not be categorized under a specific heading. They are usually infrequent, considerably low, miscellaneous in nature & are not classified under a specific ledger account.


These are assets that have long commercial life and are employed by the firm for its operations. Fixed assets are classified as Block Assets and Sundry Assets. Block assets are land, building, plant and machinery and such other assets which aid the production process but are not consumed in the production process.