Modern staples are made of steel wire that is plated with zinc, glued together and then bent to form the legs of the staple. Staples come in smaller sizes for paper applications. Larger sizes, for upholstery or construct... More »

You can enable Staples Reward card benefits by signing into using your rewards card number. As of 2015, it is not necessary to activate the Staples Reward card, but an online account linked to the card number... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Although staples in the Indian diet vary by region, they usually include potatoes, rice, roti, millet, flour and lentils as staples. Indian cuisine consists of these foods along with a number of accompaniments. More »

Most paper clips are made out of galvanized steel wire, which is made from iron, carbon and zinc. In a fast process, galvanized wire is fed off a spool into a machine and transformed and bent as it passes through. More »

Staples Advantage is a program in which Staples, an office supply company, works with businesses to create a customized plan for business' office supply needs. Staples intends the program to save businesses money and tim... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Office Supplies

While some residential and office shredders can handle staples, many cannot; industrial-strength shredders at specialized facilities can handle staples with no difficulty. The same rule of thumb applies to other common i... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Office Supplies

To load a staple gun, press the latch on the back of the gun and load the tray with staples, sliding it back in when you are finished. You will need safety glasses and the correct size of staples. Loading the staple gun ... More »