Staples of the Native American Apalachee included corn, beans and squash, though the tribe also subsisted on deer, small game, nuts and berries. The tribe lived between the Aucilla and Ochlockonee Rivers in northwest Flo... More »

There are a number of staple foods of Spain, including shellfish and fish, as well as numerous vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry. Some of the national dishes of Spain include paella, serrano ham and chorizo. More »

Foods that Canadians consider classics include: Canadian bacon, maple syrup, venison and pemmican, poutine, salmon, lobster, smoked meats, Arctic char, goose and apples; for a drink on the side, Canadians opt for beer. C... More »

The Kickapoo used corn as their main source of food; they also ate beans, squash, deer, buffalo, fish and small game. The name "Kickapoo" comes from the Shawnee word meaning "wanderer." As of 2014, there are four Kickapo... More »

The Huron Indians, also known as the Wyandot, ate corn, beans and squash that the women of the tribe grew, as well as deer, bear, wild turkey and fish brought in by the tribe's men. They also grew sunflowers for the seed... More »

The Penobscot Indians hunted for things such as moose and deer, caught fish for food, planted beans and corn and ate wild berries. Along with these foods, these Indians also made maple syrup. More »

Lenape Indians were hunter and farmers which gave them a wide choice of food, including deer, fish, corn, squash, berries, birds and eggs. The Lenape were able to dry many vegetables, such as corn, and save them in leath... More »