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A while back someone asked me to list my greatest accomplishments for 2012. As I racked my brain, I thought of a few professional achievements that made me feel proud, but as for the top accomplishment, I kept coming back to the same thing: my sister’s wedding. I wasn’t the planner, and I didn ...


10 Accomplishments You Should Be Proud Of This Year . ... LOL You really know your stuff and I love to get your messages through my SoMe. they are always inspiring and the standard of your posts is so consistently high it is a true gift to be connected to you. All the very best Dave.


Whether your greatest accomplishment is finishing school or raising your kids, big or small, we all have many, many things to be proud of. The best answer to “What is your greatest accomplishment?” is that first thing that comes to mind that makes your proud. And that moment – your “greatest accomplishment” will likely change.


“What is your greatest accomplishment?” is a behavioral interview question. Some variations include: “What are you most proud of?”, “What were your biggest wins in your most recent role?,” “Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond the call of duty.”


The accomplishments you’re most proud of will tell your interviewer about what’s important to you and therefore what kind of environment you will thrive in. Some people need public recognition for their achievements, while for others it’s more about setting and fulfilling personal goals and standards.


How to Answer the ‘What Has Been Your Most Rewarding Accomplishment?’ Interview Question. Align Your Answer With Corporate Culture: Of course it is important to give a vivid description of a past accomplishment that you are especially proud of- but it’s also crucial to keep the values and culture of the company in mind.


The level of accomplishment varies per student, and varies per the goals of each student. Some universal accomplishments include:-Receiving a varsity letter-Taking the lead in a school play-Getting straight A’s or grades you are happy with-Doing well on the SAT/ACT (whatever you perceive as good)


(Note that accomplishments demonstrating this willingness can be especially helpful for mature workers.) Accomplishments that Exemplify Experience. What are you most proud of in each job? Resume writer Julie Walraven has a name for these “most proud of” accomplishments: “Super Stories” that describe how you made a difference.


If you think you have no career accomplishments, think again. Everybody has them—it’s just a matter of digging down and pinpointing what they are. What is an accomplishment? On your resume, an accomplishment can either be an example of how you contributed to your employer, or an achievement that reflects the kind of worker you are.


In considering key people and occasions in my life, I came to see a wider perspective on my own life and the value of pride in your achievements. Why not try it yourself? You never know what you might uncover? So in no particular order, here are 10 things of which I’m proud along with a few things I learnt about myself along the way. Enjoy. 1.