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Loosen your belt a few notches and take a tour through 10 of the most iconic foods in America. ... apple became one of the most popular pie fillings in early America.


Currywurst remains one of the most popular fast foods in Germany, especially in Berlin and the Rhine-Ruhr area, but the Döner kebab is gaining rapidly in popularity. Fischbrötchen: Northern Germany Sandwich made with various fish (pickled or fried) and onions, common in Northern Germany, particularly along the coast Hendl: Austro-Bavarian


The ERS’s Food Availability data measures yearly supplies of several food commodities in the U.S., and this year, some of the most interesting results are that sweet foods like ice cream appear ...


This is a list of notable dishes found in African cuisine, a generalized term collectively referring to the cuisines of Africa.The continent of Africa is the second-largest landmass on Earth, and is home to hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups. This diversity is also reflected in the many local culinary traditions in terms of choice of ingredients, style of preparation, and cooking ...


If you're visiting Mexico, look out for these traditional dishes to get a real taste of the country's cuisine. Here's our pick of the top 10 must-try meals. Mexico has long been among the world’s most popular holiday destinations, attracting sun seekers and food lovers alike. If you’re lucky ...


What Is the Most Popular Food ... Home Food Food Facts. What Is the Most Popular Food in the United States? What Is the Most Popular Food in the United States? While there is not a single definitively favorite food in the United States, top 10 lists compiled through the years are consistently topped by hamburgers.


Popular foods in Guyana include stews, curry dishes and chicken served with rice and beans. Cook-up rice is a Guyanese dish that is similar to rice and peas, and it is often served alongside fried fish.


So, even the most popular Italian foods are not necessarily common all over Italy. Below we have compiled a list of famous Italian foods, iconic Italian dishes, renowned traditional, regional foods of Italy, Italian staple foods and must-eat dishes when you are in Italy. Note that there is a great difference between dishes that are generally ...


In a land as diverse as Australia, there's a lot of local food to put on your plate. Check out our list of Australian food: 40 dishes locals call their own.


We've scoured the planet for what we think are 50 of the most delicious foods ever created. For now, feast your eyes and control your drooling, as we reveal some of the world's best foods that can ...