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Popular food blogs include SmittenKitchen.com, WhatsCookingGoodLooking.com, MyNameisYeh.com and ChocolateandMarrow.com. The people behind these blogs give ideas to people who go online seeking inspiration in cooking.


As of November 2015, the most popular blogs on the Internet are The Huffington Post, TMZ, Business Insider, Mashable and Gizmodo. Other blogs that have daily posts include LifeHacker, Gawker, The Daily Beast, Tech Crunch and Perez Hilton.


A blog, also referred to as a weblog, is an informational site that consists of a single page of multiple entries known as posts that are displayed in reverse chronological order. The posts in a blog come from either one author or multiple authors dubbed as bloggers. Bl...


There are name generators that can help individuals name a blog. A good blog name should reflect the theme of the blog. A business-sounding URL may turn off prospective visitors, so a name that is more thematic than corporate usually works better.


The main purpose of a blog is communication. Blogs are used to keep a record of thoughts and events and can be used to connect to other people in various business and social contexts.


Some “Dog With a Blog” games include “My New Puppy” and “Stan's Sneaky Blog.” Both games are based on the Disney TV show “Dog With a Blog” that first aired in 2012. These games are both free to play online.


Emma, Olivia, Noah and Liam are some popular names for the year 2014, according to Nameberry. Emma and Olivia rank as the number one and two most popular U.S. names for girls, respectively; meanwhile, Noah and Liam take the top two spots for boys' names.