A story is usually classified as a legend if it has some basis in historical fact. Legends are often passed down through successive generations and tend to have significant cultural meaning. They are often contrasted wit... More »

One of the best-known stories of an individual selling their soul to Satan is the story of Faust, who offers his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge. The term "Faustian bargain" emerged from this story ... More »

Multiple legends surround the mythical Irish fairies known as "leprechauns," such as the beliefs that they guard hidden stores of gold and that they grant three wishes to anyone capable of capturing one. Leprechauns are ... More »

Several theories explain the existence of Atlantis but none has ever been verified, so the story of the lost city of Atlantis is still classified as a legend, as of 2015. Plato, a Greek philosopher and writer, first ment... More »

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The exact origins of the Blarney Stone are the subject of legend rather than actual historical fact, and there are several different versions of the stone's origin story. Blarney Castle says that some people believe the ... More »

The most common dream catcher legend tells of a grandmother who saved a spider's life. In exchange, the spider gave her a dream catcher, explaining that it allowed good dreams to slip through and caught bad dreams. There... More »

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The legend of King Arthur varies widely in its many retellings, but generally involves a young man prophesied to pull a sword from a stone and who for that reason becomes king. He then receives the legendary sword Excali... More »