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Study cultures that are different from your own. Once I took a class in Multicultural Society in Graduate School. Each person in the class selected the culture they wanted to research and report to the class. I wrote mine in the culture of India. ...


African Culture – 16 most interesting traditions. Culture. African Culture – 16 most interesting traditions. Prev Article Next Article . Kidnapping your bride. In the Sudanese Latuka tribe, when a man wants to marry a woman, he kidnaps her. Elderly members of his family go and ask the girl’s father for her hand in marriage, and if dad ...


I have a speech to do in a couple of weeks and it has to be on a culture. What are some interesting cultures I could do it on? I was thinking about doing it on eskimos but I can't find enough information on them. Any thoughts or ideas? Any will help! Thanks.


10 of the most interesting customs around the world. Photo ... we were hit by the sound of slurping. For such a polite Asian culture, this seemed out of place and rude. Clearly, this was a custom I had yet to understand, but as soon as my host explained it, I was excited to partake. ... What better way to break the ice than with some stomach ...


See also. History of modern Western subcultures; Lifestyle (sociology) Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures; Youth subculture; Far-right subcultures


The world is filled with unique and vibrant cultures. These traditions and customs have spread throughout local communities and abroad. Some are delightful, but some may be shocking and unorthodox. Taarof may also extend to social invitations. It is understood in Iranian culture that an invitation ...


Alphabetical list of different cultures identified by members. Cultures may refer to geographic, political, social, religious, and other contexts.


10 Cultural Differences And Facts That Make The World Interesting. by Jeffrey Nelson. The world is big. Very big. It is full of a plethora of different people, places, and things. We tend to think of the world in segments: countries, people, languages, cities, etc.


Some are taboo, some are cringe-inducing, some are downright revolting, and all are extraordinarily bizarre. From the weirdest things we put in our bodies to the weirdest things we lop off our bodies to the weirdest things we do with our dead bodies, here are seven of the strangest cultural practices from around the world that are still carried out today: