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These values are the most important for me to live by and the ones I want to pass along to my children and everyone in my life: Appreciation. Taking a brief moment to say, “thank you,” or acknowledging the exceptional job the restaurant server did when waiting on you is not only encouraging for the beneficiary to hear; it fills your soul ...


Below is a list of core values commonly used by leadership institutes and programs. This list is not exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of some common core values (also called personal values). My recommendation is to select less than five core values to focus on—if everything is a core value, then nothing is really a priority.


The following list of values will help you develop a clearer sense of what’s most important to you in life, as explained in the article Living Your Values. Simply copy or print this list, mark the values which most resonate with you, and then sort your list in order of priority. While most values ...


Identifying and understanding your values is a challenging and important exercise. Your personal values are a central part of who you are – and who you want to be. By becoming more aware of these important factors in your life, you can use them as a guide to make the best choice in any situation. Some of life's decisions are really about ...


Tolerance - Know that you will never be able to understand others and they will never be able to understand you, but you still have to live harmoniously in the same world. Love - Forgive people who hurt you, love before being loved, keep believing...


Having a set of personal values will make you a better man, and our experiences usually help us define them. When I was in 12th grade, I asked my dad if I could skip school with the other kids on Senior Skip Day. â Sure,â he ­­said. â You can skipâ ¦all the way to school.â I was mad that I had to walk to school that day, but as I grew older, I realized he was making an important ...


Some examples of core values for a company include: ... It's also important to remember that individuals don't necessarily choose their core values. Many people have these values instilled in them by the way their parents and the community around them. You may already live by strong core values without realizing it.


Identifying your personal values. Sometimes our values aren't totally clear to us, and it may take a bit of reflection to figure out the principles, beliefs or ideas that are most important to us. For help identifying your values, spend some time answering each of the following questions: Think of 2 people you really respect.


These values are the most important for me to live by and the ones I want to pass along to my children and everyone in my life. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.


10 Essential Values to Live By. Becoming aware of your values gives your life a sharper focus and better clarity. Your most important values serve as a filter through which you make the choices ...