Some "Good Eats" recipes are Barbecue St. Louis Pork Ribs and California Rolls. The ribs take about 20 minutes to prepare, while the California Rolls take about 45 minutes to prepare. More » Food Cooking

Some good spaghetti recipes include spaghetti and meatballs, spaghetti and meat sauce, and spaghetti with squash. Cooks can bake spaghetti as a casserole similar to other pasta dishes such as lasagna and baked macaroni a... More » Food Cooking

One good soup recipe is Real Simple's recipe for black bean soup. This uses store-brought salsa to reduce preparation times. Real Simple also has a cold cucumber soup recipe that's ideal for balmy summer days. More » Food Cooking

Barbecue ham and classic glazed ham are two whole bone-in ham recipes. The barbecue ham recipe calls for slow-cooking the ham, whereas the classic glazed ham is baked. More » Food Cooking

Two tasty variations on the hearty chicken pot pie are the Classic Chicken Potpie recipe by Martha Stewart and the much-loved Double Crusted Chicken Pot Pie by Yvonne Ruperti at Serious Eats. The main difference between ... More » Food Cooking

Some recipes for cooking turkey legs in the oven include Red-Wine Braised Turkey Legs from Serious Eats and Baked Tamarind and Seedcrusted Turkey Legs from Food Network. For a more basic recipe, try Roasted Turkey Legs f... More » Food Cooking

Some free recipes available on the official Good Eats page at include seared scallops and royal icing. The seared scallops recipe takes around eight minutes to prepare and feeds four people. The royal ici... More » Food Cooking