Some good names for boys include Houston, Jeremiah, Brice, Trystan and Quinten. Some old-fashioned names that are becoming popular as of 2015 include Clyde, Frederick, Vincent, Edward and Asher. More » Education

The most popular male dog name in 2013 was Max, followed by Buddy, Charlie and Jack, according to Many people prefer human monikers because they consider their pets members of the family. However, there is a w... More »

According to Dog Time, some of the most popular names for boy dogs are: Max, Bailey, Charlie, Buddy, Rocky, Jake, Jack, Toby, Cody, Buster, Duke, Cooper, Riley, Harley, Bear, Tucker, Murphy, Lucky, Oliver, Sam, Oscar, Te... More »

The Social Security Administration offers lists of the most popular 1,000 names for boys based on birth year. British Baby Names provides the British counterpart, with an advertised list of 1,000 baby names for boys base... More » Education

Some common baby names for boys are Noah, which means "rest, comfort," Mason, which means "stoneworker" and Ethan, which means "solid, enduring." Some common baby names for girls include Emma, which means "whole" or "uni... More » Education

Some of the most common Spanish boys names since the year 2000 are Alejandro, Sergio, Pablo and Javier, though older favorites, such as Carlos, Manuel and Jos�, are still popular. There has been little variation among co... More » Education

As of 2015, popular African names given to babies in the United States include Asante, Daren and Kaden for boys, and Imani, Makena and Aliyah for girls. Amari and Omari are also popular African names for boys, as are Bar... More »