Some of the most well-known landmarks in Sweden are government buildings, including Stockholm City Hall, the Parliament Building and Town Hall. A number of castles, palaces and museums are also famous landmarks. More »

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The physical features of Sweden include a tilted plateau, mountains, eskers and moraines and rocky uplands. Sweden also contains many water features including rivers and lakes. More »

The climate of Sweden varies, with air currents produced by the Atlantic Ocean make the western coast and southern region of Sweden temperate, moist and mild while the northernmost areas and eastern border experience muc... More »

Lonely Planet and both offer high-quality maps of Sweden that list major cities within the country. Lonely Planet's map lists more cities, while has political and geographical maps that incl... More » Geography Europe

A person from Sweden or Norway is called a Scandinavian if the specific country is unknown, a Swede if the person is from Sweden and a Norwegian if the person is from Norway. The adjective forms are Swedish and Norwegian... More »