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Disney is the most powerful brand in the world. ... but the Danish company has suffered some PR defeats over the past year, which kept it off the top spot. Lego attempted to prevent Chinese artist ...


Forbes ranks the World's Most Valuable Brands. These unicorns are forever changing the way we interact with money.


Here’s How These 30 Famous Brands Got Their Names. ... Brands are everywhere, and some are so prominent that we choose them because of their brand image rather than the quality of the product ...


This is a picture story on the famous companies around the world that have changed their logos.From Apple to Microsoft, from Google to Audi, here is a brief story of every brand that's cracking more money than you and I ever would in this entire lifetime.


The Meanings Of 35 Famous Brand Names. Did you know that Durex is an abbreviation of Durable Reliable Excellence? Or that Nike is the ancient Greek goddess of victory? You hear these brand names almost every day but have you ever wondered what they mean?


Famous Brands Limited is a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in South Africa. Its head offices are in Midrand, Johannesburg. The company is Africa's leading quick-service and casual dining restaurant franchisor. The company's global footprint of franchised stores spreads across the world, totaling 2782 stores (2017 ...


100+ Famous Slogans and Brand Taglines A slogan is a phrase created by a company for the purpose of advertising their brands, it is a word or phrase that is easy to remember and is used by a group or business to attract attention. it is often concise and able to deliver the exact message the company has in mind to the audience.


Uncover the catchiest slogans and taglines from some of the world's biggest brands, and find out what makes them so great. ... 27 Companies With Really Catchy Slogans & Brand Taglines. ... Maybelline's former tagline, created in the 1990s, is one of the most famous in the world. It makes you think of glossy magazine pages featuring strong ...


30 Famous Brand Names You're Probably Pronouncing Wrong [Infographic] Written by Jami Oetting. @jamioetting Can having a difficult-to-pronounce brand name actually put a company at a disadvantage? It might. According Daniel M. Oppenheimer, a psychology professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management, ...


Some companies own or license a large number of brand names. For example, Jones Apparel Group: is a leader in the apparel and footwear industries. Jones designs and markets a broad array of products, including sportswear, jeanswear, suits, dresses, menswear, shoes, accessories and costume jewelry.