Popular dairy products include yogurt, cheese, milk and sour cream. When consuming these or other dairy products, it is important to choose the low-fat or fat-free varieties, according to the USDA. More »

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Common dairy products include milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. All types of milk-based cheese are considered part of the dairy group, including mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and cottage cheese. More »

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By definition, a food is considered dairy if it is made from a mammal's milk. Milk that comes from cows, sheep or goats is considered dairy, as is any food product that is made out of that milk. In some parts of the worl... More »

Greek yogurt is a dairy product made from milk and the addition of a bacterial culture. However, in the making of Greek yogurt the whey is strained from it. The process of making regular yogurt does not involve this step... More »

Milk is considered a whole food that does not contain gluten.Other unaltered dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, are also gluten free. More »

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Soy milk is not dairy, as dairy refers to milk and milk products that are produced by an animal. Soy milk is a plant milk produced by soaking and grinding soybeans. It is defined as a stable emulsion of water with protei... More »

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Lucerne dairy products are a line of products that include butter, milk and cheese, according to the Art of Dairy. The company started creating dairy products in 1904, and it now makes more than 400 different products. T... More »