While it is impossible to have an objectively "cool" nickname, as they are quite subjective in nature, experimenting with shortening one's existing name or deriving a nickname from an inside joke or event are good places... More »

A boy's nickname can be a shorter version of his full name, such as "Sly" for Sylvester. It can also tell something about his interests. For example, he may call himself "Slugger" because he likes to play baseball. More »

Examples of cool nicknames for girls include "Dimples," "Peaches," "Mooncake" and "Jellybean." Other nickname ideas for girls are "Pop Tart," "Snowflake" and "Skittles." Many female nicknames are based on sweet foods and... More »

Last names are traditionally derived from either a person's father's name, the geography near a person's home, an occupation or a nickname. Each language or dialect uses specific markers for these names, such as prefixes... More »

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Traditionally, most last names originate from a person's parent's name, the area where a person lives, what a person does for a living, a person's social status or a nickname. Some surname conventions, including having a... More »

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Some creative ways to choose a name for a baby girl include looking into your genealogical history, finding inspiration in nature and considering names from past eras. Parents can also look to landmarks, geographical pla... More »

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Some Spanish nicknames include Nacho, Pepe, Chava and Nando. Some Spanish nicknames are straight-forward shortenings of longer common names, while others are creative reworkings of the original name. Some are of obscure ... More »