Serbs are Slavs, so they are Caucasian, and their hair ranges from blond to black. Their cultural characteristics depend on whether they were raised in an urban or a rural environment. More »

According to Love To Know, Scorpio men do like to be pursued. Scorpios are picky, however, so Scorpio men only like to be pursued when they consider the women pursuing them to be worthy of their affections. More »

Patchouli is a scent most strongly associated with masculinity, alongside musky scents such as sandalwood, cedar wood and vetiver. Earthy and woody scents are traditionally associated with masculinity, alongside vanilla ... More » Beauty & Fashion Perfume & Cologne

Some highly regarded men's resorts include Island House in Key West, Florida and Las Vegas' Blue Moon Resort. Palm Springs' all-men's resorts include Escape Palm Springs, INNDulge Palm Springs and Tortuga del Sol Resort. More » Geography

Popular spas for men include the Caesar’s Palace Qua Baths and Spa, Red Mountain Resort and Spa and the Hilton Heal Institute. The California Health and Longevity Institute also has a popular spa to which they send their... More » Geography

Good vacation spots for single men include Las Vegas, Nevada, with its abundance of night life and Bangkok, Thailand, for its inexpensive goods and services. For additional options, London and Rio de Janeiro offer cultur... More » Geography

As of 2014, the undercut is a popular hipster hairstyle for men. To style the undercut, grow hair on top to a length of at least 3 inches, shave the sides, apply a styling product, and style first with a comb, then with ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles