A computer processor is the logic circuitry that receives and processes the basic instructions given to a computer by the user. It harmonizes different processes inside the computer to deliver what the user needs. The sp... More »

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A computer processor, which is commonly referred to as a CPU, is responsible for fetching, decoding, executing and writing back information that it receives from the coding that is present in programs. A CPU is the main ... More »

To test the speed, or benchmark as it commonly referred to, the central processing unit inside your computer, download third-party applications such as Prime95, Novabench, or 3DMark. These applications give the user real... More »

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The motherboard is plastic board that contains all of the circuitry and connectors required for the different parts of a computer. The circuits on top of the motherboard are very thin pieces of copper or aluminum foil th... More »

A computer uses a set of complex electronic circuitry to automatically carry out stored, programmed tasks and functions. Most of the computer's main work is performed in the central processing unit. Computers can perform... More »

Though the specific features of a motherboard vary according to the intended use, price and underlying technologies, the main components include power connectors, expansion slots, front and rear panel connections, drive ... More »

In the central processing unit, or CPU, of a computer, the accumulator acts as a special register that stores values and increments of intermediate arithmetic and logic calculations. The accumulator is a temporary memory... More »