Identify prefixes and suffixes of words by first noting the root word that they are attached to. The affixes are generally not complete words on their own, unlike the root words, which can always stand alone. For example... More »

Some common prefixes include "de-," "mis-," "pre-," "pro-" and "re-," and some common suffixes include "-able," "-ful," "-ing," "-less" and "-ness." A prefix is a group of letters that appears before the root of a word. ... More » Education

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Charts displaying word roots, prefixes and suffixes are available at,, and These websites provide word roots, prefixes and suffixes as well as definiti... More » Education

Understand the vocabulary word, including any prefixes and suffixes, to ensure you use it properly within the sentence. Once the meaning is clear for you, write a sentence that not only uses the word correctly but makes ... More » Education

To improve your spelling, keep studying the most difficult words, sound each word out loud, and know the rules of suffixes and prefixes. Read often, as it helps to see how words are spelled out to eventually remember the... More » Education

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