A poodle in heat displays the same signs of estrus as any other dog breed, including vaginal discharge and swelling of the teats and vulva. Smaller dogs may not display these physical signs as prominently as larger dogs,... More »

A Bernese mountain dog mixed with a standard poodle is sometimes referred to as a Bernedoodle. The dogs usually have a wavy non-shedding coat. They come in black, black and brown, or black, brown and white (tri-color). T... More »

A corded poodle is a dog of the poodle breed which has had its woolly fur styled into long, dreadlock-like cords. Cording rather than fluffing the poodle's coat used to be more popular style for poodles, but by the 1930s... More »

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Early signs that a dog may be in heat are a red discharge from the vulva, licking that is excessive, changes in behavior or appetite and an increase in temperature. The beginning phase of a dog’s heat cycle is called pro... More »

Although it depends on the specific dog, female dogs are usually the most fertile around the 11th day of estrus, and typically cycle twice a year, but exact times vary by breed and location. Male dogs are fertile all the... More »

When a dog is ready to go into labor, she will lose interest in food for around 24 hours; she will also begin to lick its vulva and begin experiencing cramping in the abdominal region, according to PetMD. As the time for... More »

When a dog is ready to have puppies, it will not be interested in eating for 24 hours before, it will lick its vulva and it will have tighter contractions in its stomach that may or may not be noticeable to the owner. So... More »