A policy is a principle that guides decision making, while a law is a rule enforced by an institution. Although laws and policies serve different purposes, ETU explains that both are used to maintain order in society. La... More »

Policymaking is the process of identifying a problem, and using observations about a problem to design and implement a policy with intent to fix the problem. In the United States, the policymaking process typically takes... More »

Write an employee attendance policy by using a professional tone and outlining the standard working hours for employees, defining the specific terms of tardiness and absence and explaining the company's leave benefits. T... More »

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The police are important in a democratic society because they provide for the rule of law, which enhances civic trust and helps maintain social order. Equality under the law is a basic principle of a democratic society. More »

According to The Political Compass, the left-right political spectrum generally implies a collectivist versus libertarian view of economic policy, respectively. However, it is also suggested that the left-right political... More »

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Equity establishes justice if common law is inadequate in certain circumstances, according to Cornell University Law School. The equity route is only an option when legal recourse has been exhausted. More »

Common law and statutory law are two systems of law used in the American judicial system. Common law is based on prior court decisions while statutory law is made by the legislature. More »