An oblique line segment is a slanted or diagonal line segment. It is not perpendicular or parallel, nor does it make a right angle with a given plane or surface. More »

An oblique line is one that is neither parallel nor perpendicular to another line or figure. The oblique line intersects the other line or figure at some point, so it is not parallel to it. More » Math Geometry

The end behavior of asymptotes of functions can be predicted using either polynomial long division or synthetic division. Finding the end behavior of asymptotes is valuable in circumstances where the degree of the numera... More » Math Geometry Trigonometry

A line consisting of two endpoints and all points between is called a line segment, according to Wolfram MathWorld. A line segment is a closed interval that corresponds to one section of an infinite line. More »

Some geometric terms are line, segment and point. Other geometric terms include degree, chord, triangle, parallel and perpendicular. Some geometric terms used for measurements include radius, diameter, area, angle and ci... More » Math Geometry

Altitude in geometry (also known as height) refers to a segment that extends from any vertex of a triangle and is perpendicular to the line found on the opposite side. This term is also employed to refer to the length of... More »

The radius of a circle is the length of a line segment from its center to its outer edge. The same definition also applies to the radius of a sphere. Alternatively, a shape's radius can be defined as half of its diameter... More » Math Geometry