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The concept of "right-to-work" relates to laws that purport to protect the rights of nonunion employees to work for unionized employers. A right-to-work law guarantees that employees cannot be forced to join a labor union and cannot be fired if they don't join.


Rights of Americans include the rights of speaking freely, possessing firearms, refusing to harbor soldiers, remaining silent when accused of a crime, a speedy trial and protection from cruel punishment. These rights are enumerated in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.


One spouse has various legal rights if the other leaves, including a case for divorce, financial support and the right to sue, according to Divorce Source and Cindy Chung for LegalZoom. These rights rest on "abandonment" as legal grounds against the spouse who left.


According to the Mayo Clinic, persistent cold hands can signify nerve or circulation disorders. Chronic cold hands can also indicate tissue damage or frostbite. In many cases, cold hands are the body's way of regulating its temperature and are not a cause for concern, but it is important for individ


Serving It Right is a mandatory program that educates licensees, managers and servers about the legal responsibilities of serving alcohol within the province of British Columbia. The certification process focuses on mastering techniques essential in preventing problems related to over-service.


Except in cases of a non-working woman or specific child custody rights, both men and women have equal rights in a divorce proceeding, according to LegalZoom. Throughout the separation or divorce process, the couple discusses financial and custodial issues via court proceedings or mediation.


To turn your computer screen right side up, press CTRL, ALT and the Up Arrow key. You can rotate the screen in multiple directions by pressing one of the arrow keys while holding down CTRL and ALT.


While eyes can differ in size naturally, having one eye that is smaller than the other can indicate a condition such as exophthalmos or Grave's disease that requires urgent medical attention, suggests WebMD. Both adults and children may be affected by these conditions.


A private right of way is the legal right to use or cross another person's property in order to access a second property or parcel, according to SFGate Home Guides. The right of way is a legal easement which is recorded on the property title, according to Zillow.


Determining the home interior that is correct for your home involves evaluating the model of your house, matching the interior style and choosing a color scheme, note HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens. Customize your home's interior according to your personal design style.