The tuxedo cat refers to a coat pattern found on certain cats that resembles men's formal tuxedo attire. Although the tuxedo cat is not a particular cat breed, this coat pattern can be found on certain breeds more common... More »

Romeo exhibits many typical personality traits of the Shakespearean lover but with an added fiery impulsiveness. As the story's hero, he displays gallantry, wit, courage and passion throughout the play. His passion, howe... More »

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She is physically attractive and has a fearsome and formidable streak. If her beauty is not given due credit, she is known to punish both man and God. She is married to ... More »

A mackerel tabby is a domestic cat with a coat pattern consisting of a background of gray or orange banded hairs and darker vertical stripes running down the torso. The thin vertical stripes are likened to fish bones, he... More »

More than likely, a black and white cat is a tuxedo cat. A tuxedo cat is a form of bicolor, meaning a cat with two colors. More »

Families choose a cat by deciding on an age, observing the cat's personality, and considering preferences such as fur length, activity level and appearance. Finding a cat that fits the family's needs and preferences ensu... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

A cat's age can be estimated by examining its teeth, coat and eyes. Teeth are especially helpful for determining a feline's age, since the presence or absence of baby teeth helps narrow down an age range. Older cats some... More »