Metallic dye transforms natural, solid-colored hair into the shimmering, attention- grabbing locks of fantasy characters and social media fashion icons. If you like the ...


Boost your hair color with unique metallic radiance. With metallic-shine booster for cool, shimmering tones and an anti-fading effect for long-lasting colors.


Sep 24, 2018 ... The main benefit of the metallic hair coloring technique is a play of shades. The colors literally shine, changing in their undertones depending ...


Best Metallic Hair Color Shades You Must Wear in 2018 | Absurd Styles. All the bold ladies who are recently searching for latest trends of metallic hair colors they  ...


Feb 26, 2018 ... Balayaging hair with metallic shades like rose gold or silver creates that same, sunlit look, using a more sophisticated hair color palette. Metallic ...


Metallic hair colors are in and we couldn't be happier. Here, learn how to rock metallic colors, whether that's a rose gold, silver, gold, or bronze hue.


Feb 2, 2018 ... Metallic hair colors, at their best, are dimensional, dazzling tones that shine like platinum. Metallic hair color looks rich and expensive. A hair color ...


What is metallic hair dye? What are examples of some brands of metallic hair dyes?


Oct 3, 2016 ... The popular YouTube hairstylist Guy Tang has a gorgeous line of metallic hair dye with Kenra Professional.


For a Multi dimensional metallic look; Head turning radiance and anti fading effect for permanent hair dye that lasts; Formulated with metallic shine booster for  ...