Examples of individual sports include tennis, track and field, golf, boxing, swimming, gymnastics, skiing, bowling, wrestling, powerlifting, figure skating, speed skating, diving, mixed martial arts, table tennis, racque... More »

Individual sports are better than team sports because they teach athletes how to become self reliant. The outcomes of the athletes' respective sports relies solely on them and not the successes or failures of others. Ind... More »

In individual sports, no partner is required to compete or play the game, while dual sports are sports that require two players on each side. Some sports, such as tennis, can fall into both categories. More »

New Jersey Institute of Technology fields teams in 10 varsity sports as of September 2015: baseball, basketball, cross-country, fencing, lacrosse, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field and volleyball. The ... More »

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Honig's Whistle Stop sells a wide variety of referee equipment for several different sports, including baseball, football, volleyball and track and field. Honig's baseball and softball umpire equipment section contains t... More »

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Popular sports in Norway include wrestling, skiing, cycling, shooting, curling, karate, handball, rowing, sled-dog racing, sailing, shooting, canoeing, football, dancing and speed skating. Some of Norway's most successfu... More »

Yellow tinted sunglasses are used for baseball, softball, hunting, indoor basketball, tennis, snowboarding and skiing. Yellow lenses are also used to reduce eye strain during computer work and to prevent glare during nig... More »

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