Hurricanes are made when tropical storms form over sections of the ocean with warm, moist air and enough wind to begin a spiral. The primary cause is the latent heat from water evaporating off the surface of the ocean, w... More »

Hurricanes are dangerous because they have high winds, torrential rains and storm surges. Individually, these dangers can pose a threat to one's life and damage property, but they can cause widespread destruction when th... More »

A hurricane simulator is a man-made device that replicates the weather conditions of a natural hurricane in a safely contained environment for study. They are comprised of a fan, water tank and wave generator. The simula... More » Science Weather & Tides Weather Forecasts

Hurricanes form in the open ocean, with the majority coming together in the western Pacific Ocean or the eastern Atlantic, off the coast of Africa. A smaller number form in the Gulf of Mexico or the Indian Ocean each yea... More » Science Weather & Tides Storms

Hurricanes are extremely powerful storms that form above ocean water and can cause devastating damage in coastal areas as a result of powerful winds, heavy rains, high waves and water levels. In meteorological terms, hur... More »

Hurricanes are massive storms made out of an organized series of thunderstorms that form over the ocean. Typhoons are the same as hurricanes, except they occur in a different part of the world. Tornadoes are smaller stor... More »

Hurricanes are formed by rain clouds that grow over warm ocean waters. The clouds build to create wind speeds higher than 74 miles per hour. While tornadoes can attack without warning, hurricanes form over a period of da... More »