A DHCP host name is an abbreviation for dynamic host configuration protocol, which is a standardized networking protocol used primarily for assigning dynamic IP addresses. It works through a network device rather than a ... More »

The QVC channel has 26 hosts, including Albany Irvin, Amy Stran, Dan Wheeler and David Venable. QVC uses casting agencies to find new on-air talent and program hosts. More »

Some example server host names include hcluster3-web1.sjc.sl.serverdensity.net and s3-website-ap=northeast-1.amazonaws.com. Server host names are unique identifiers for computers that host sites, databases, and other con... More »

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A DHCP server is a network server that automatically provides and assigns IP addresses, default gateways and other network parameters to client devices. It relies on the standard protocol known as Dynamic Host Configurat... More »

DNS server stands for "domain name system" server, and it refers to a computer that translates text-based website names into hexadecimal IP addresses. An IP address refers to the physical address of a device within a net... More »

To trace an Internet Protocol address, access a website that offers IP address look-up services, and enter the IP address to be traced in the search box to find the name of the Web host. Search the database on the websit... More »

An IP tracker is a software application that reads and converts an IP address into its host name. An IP tracker also provides location and other information pertaining to the IP address, depending on how the software is ... More »

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