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He shows that God's Holy Days were part of his plan from the beginning and can even be found in Genesis 1. UCG Sermon. Gary Smith. United Church of God Pastor. Gary Smith was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, but spent most of his youth in the Pasadena, California area. He graduated from Ambassador College in 1976 and he and his wife, Liz ...


For now I’d invite you to open your Bible to 1 Timothy chapter 2. 1 Timothy chapter 2. We’re going to be looking together in the next few weeks at verses 9-15. 1 Timothy 2:9-15. I want to read th...


My dear Rapture Ready visitors and family--they are simply not looking at the same headlines as yours truly. And the headlines I'm experiencing each and every day coincide precisely with what God#39;s holy, inerrant Word has to say about the end of days "again" as the secular media like to call the end time.


Best Answer: Bella, We keep the Lord's Day as our Holy Day. I do not work on Sunday and I always attend our services on Sunday. Every third Sunday of the month I go to a nursing facility to sing with, read scriptures to, pray for, and spend time with residents who I have come to really enjoy being with.


Clearly Jesus kept the Sabbath in the New Testament. The Sabbath is God's Holy Day and is never called the Jewish Sabbath in the Bible. The Sabbath was instituted forever way before there were Jews on the earth. Clear records show that the catholic church (constantine in particular) changed the Sabbath from Friday night to Sat. night to Sunday According to history Constantine tried to change ....


A truck driver named Mike was one of the many lives touched as a result of receiving a Scripture during the blitz. Originally from Belize, Mike had just finished talking with the front desk clerk in a hotel when he met Steve Tasson. The two men began talking and Tasson felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting to present the Gospel to Mike.


In other words, dispensationalists believe that God's purposes with Israel are not fulfilled in the church exclusively. They see a day when God will fulfill those promises to Israel of being restored to their land and having their king, being a saved people.


Join us for Ash Wednesday on Wednesday, March 6 at the following times: 6:30 a.m. -- Liturgy of the Word and imposition of ashes 8:00 a.m. -- Holy Mass with the...


We are pleased to share with you the Lenten Message from our shepherd, His Excellency, the Most Rev. Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of Fort Wayne - South Bend:Lenten Message of Bishop Kevin C. RhoadesJesus’ words in the passage from the Sermon on the Plain, which we hear in this Sunday’s Gospel (Luke 6:39-45), offer us important counsel as we begin the season of Lent.


September 14 is the first day of the Glorious reign of Jesus Christ after the 3 days of Darkness. It is the year that is unknown for this event. I have read, in approved Roman Catholic revelations, that between 3 and 7 days before the 3 days of Darkness, a cross, red as blood, will appear in the sky.