To do a gel manicure, apply gel bonder and foundation, dry the nails under a UV lamp, apply colored polish and let it dry, apply a clear gel topcoat, and cure it under the lamp. This 45-minute procedure requires cotton p... More »

Gel nail polish kits are manicure kits that offer long-lasting, at-home manicures with a professional, salon manicure finish. The kits include products that make the nail polish chip resistant and durable. More »

To apply gel nail extensions, prepare and clean the original nails, select artificial nail extensions that fit over the nails, cover with gel substance, and use a UV light to harden the gel. This process provides durable... More »

A gel overlay manicure is a beauty procedure that applies a gel polish mixture over natural nails. Gel application is done in several fine layers. These layers serve as a strong shield that protects and strengthens natur... More »

UV gel is applied to the nails and then dried with an ultraviolet lamp. The gel is mylar-based and cured under the light from the lamp. More »

A gel manicure is a manicure done with layers of colored gel instead of nail polish. The gel is stronger than traditional nail polish and lasts longer. More »

A gel manicure kit is a cost-effective way to receive a professional-quality manicure at home. Although the kits may seem costly (about $50 as of 2014), the resulting mirror-shiny, no-chip gels are money savers. They las... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care