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In Elizabethan fashions, men wore garters with their hose, and colourful garters were an object of display.In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, "cross braced" garters (a long garter tied above and below the knee and crossed between), as worn by the character Malvolio, are an object of some derision.In male fashion for much of the 20th century a type of garter for holding up socks was used...


Brides can keep it simple with traditional white, use the garter for their something blue, or, really, choose any color of the rainbow. Some garters feature delicate bows, appliqués, beading ...


The garters also help to keep the hands from being encumbered while cleaning glassware. Sometimes sleeve garters are still worn in high-end bars to keep staff looking professional. If the mixologist is not required to wear a jacket, sleeve garters can be used as an alternative to rolling up shirt sleeves which may appear to be unprofessional.


A bridal garter set comes with two garters, one more embellished and fancy and the other more simple. They match in color and design, and the bride can choose to keep whichever one she wants. Popular materials for garters include lace, satin and silk. Satin and silk feel comfortable against the skin, while lace makes beautiful details. You can ...


Bridal Garters . Secret but seductive, bridal garters are a key part of the wedding tradition, and careful thought and consideration is needed to ensure you find the perfect one. A bride can choose to follow the centuries-old tradition of tossing her garter with her bouquet, or she may want to hold onto it to treasure for the rest of her life.


However, garter belts are still widely in use, mostly as sexy lingerie items. Garters still come attached to corsets, though many are removable, and there are garter belts that now come with sexy outfits. Still, some choose to wear their garter belts out of the bedroom as a sexy fashion statement. Today's Fabrics. Many different fabrics can be ...


Garters are articles of clothing: narrow bands of fabric fastened about the leg, used to keep stockings up. Normally just a few inches in width, they are usually made of leather or heavy cloth, and adorned with small bells and/or ribbons.


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garter meaning: 1. a piece of elastic (= material that stretches) used, especially in the past, for holding up a…. Learn more.


Garters and garter belts have achieved icon status in the world of fashion. They are so pivotal that ceremonies engage them and legends are built around them. Garters have been used since before the 14th century. Both men and women used garters to hold up their stockings.