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In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, "cross braced" garters (a long garter tied above and below the knee and crossed between), as worn by the character Malvolio, are an object of some derision. In male fashion for much of the 20th century a type of garter for holding up socks was used as a part of male dress; it is considered somewhat archaic now.


A bridal garter set comes with two garters, one more embellished and fancy and the other more simple. They match in color and design, and the bride can choose to keep whichever one she wants. Popular materials for garters include lace, satin and silk. Satin and silk feel comfortable against the skin, while lace makes beautiful details. You can ...


Why Wear Sock Garters. The likes of GQ refute the need to wear sock garters, stating that modern textiles are such that the sock won’t slip down the leg. This may be the case for some gentlemen, but for those of us who walk to work, between meeting, or god forbid up and down stairs, this is generally not the case.


“Garters are articles of clothing: narrow bands of fabric fastened about the leg, used to keep up stockings, and sometimes socks.


The garter is a chance to carry someone or something with you on your big day. I hand make many weddings garters from family heirloom wedding dresses. The bride or her mother will send me their vintage wedding dress or their veil and I use that material to make a garter.


Women’s Garters, Garter Belts and Garter Sets . More is more when it comes to the garter belt. They add extra assurance with a pair of thigh highs, while the vertical line they create leads the gaze all the way up.And thanks to modern technology, our garters, garter belts and sets are easier and more comfortable to wear than ever, making putting them on and taking them off a snap.


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Can be worn as the main garter or used as a toss garter. The pearls in many cultures is also considered good luck. Typically, a mother will lend a pearl necklace to the bride for the wedding ceremony and reception.


A sleeve garter is a garter worn on the sleeve of a shirt.It came into wide use in the latter half of the 19th century when men's ready-made shirts came in a single (extra long) sleeve length. Sleeve garters allow men to customize sleeve lengths and keep their cuffs from becoming soiled while working or at the correct length when worn under a jacket.


There you have it; a simple technique for creating your very own wedding garter. Huge thanks to our leg model Christin, your gams are the best! xoxo. As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag ...