Germany is a nation in the north-central region of the European mainland. It borders France in the west, the North Sea and Denmark in the north, Switzerland in the south, Austria in the southeast and Poland and the Czech... More »

Frankfurt's full name is Frankfurt-am-Main, which means "Frankfurt on the Main River." Germany's fifth-largest city, Frankfurt also boasts the world's seventh-highest quality of life, according to Mercer Human Resource C... More »

Find information about Germany at and The websites provide facts about the history, culture, language and tourist attractions of Germany. For information about visas and passports, visit th... More » Geography Europe Germany

A variety of sports are played in Germany, including soccer, popularly called football in the country, motorsport and tennis. Soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. More »

Germany produces, among other things, electronics equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, precision engineering products, automobiles and communications equipment. The country's best known cultural exports include the mus... More »

Fatherland brings to mind law, government and order and Germany is a country that is in favor of these things and is such often referred to as the Fatherland. Fatherland was most commonly used during the time of Nazi Ger... More »

Some cities in Germany are Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Dresden. Germany's capital and largest city is Berlin as of 2015. Heidleberg is a small city in southern Germany and is one of the few cities that wasn't... More » Geography Europe Germany