The top five products exported by Argentina are soybean meal, corn, soybean oil, cars and delivery trucks. The top five imports of the country are cars, petroleum gas, vehicle parts, refined petroleum and telephones. More »

Poland's primary exports include machinery and equipment, textiles and shoes, metal products, machinery and equipment, minerals and fuels, chemicals and agricultural products. Poland imports mostly capital goods needed f... More »

Iron ore is Brazil's most imported and exported item. About $43 billion of iron ore is exported annually, while another $8 billion is imported. Crude petroleum, soybeans, raw sugar and coffee are the next most-exported g... More »

Cuba's major imports are refined petroleum, packaged medicaments, wheat, corn and soybean meal, and the country's top exports are nickel mattes, raw sugar, refined petroleum, packaged medicaments and rolled tobacco. Cuba... More »

As of 2013, Canada's major imports included cars, crude petroleum, delivery trucks, food products, computers and gold. More than half of Canada’s imports come from the U.S, which is the country's largest trading partner,... More »

Argentina has a free-market economy heavily based on agriculture and agricultural exports. The country also has growing industrial and service sectors. The quality of life and GDP per capita are relatively high, especial... More »

Germany is well known for exporting motor vehicles and importing oil. Germany is the third largest exporter and importer in the world. More »