CPE credit is credit for following the continuing professional education requirements for Certified Public Accountants. CPAs are required to take additional coursework throughout their career to maintain current knowledg... More »

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Continuing Professional Education credits fall under seven areas of study, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Areas that offer an unlimited number of CPE credits include participant credit, colleg... More »

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The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy partners with the Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education to coordinate the transfer of continuing pharmacy education units through the CPE Monitor system. The NABP assi... More »

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Consumers can transfer credits for Celcom using the company's Credit Share service. This service allows consumers to transfer credits via SMS text messaging after registering for Airtime Transfer Share via SMS. The servi... More »

While there is no specific number that is best, having several credits that are used sparingly is often the best approach to maintaining good credit, according to Bankrate. Having multiple cards with high limits and litt... More »

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U.K. taxpayers can calculate their working tax credit online using the tax credits calculator supplied at Gov.uk. The calculator, which can also figure other types of tax credits, can only calculate credits for the curre... More »

Plug-in hybrid motor vehicles with a battery capacity of at least 5 kilowatt hours that owners bought in 2010 or after are eligible for tax credits, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Eligible vehicles must... More »

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