A no-carb foods list contains various names of foods that are identified as containing no carbohydrates. Common foods that do not contain carbohydrates include many meats, fishes, eggs, oils, other cooking fats and herbs... More »

Examples of healthy foods with high carbohydrate content include rolled oats, lentil soups, blueberries, low-fat plain yogurt and whole-wheat pasta. Carbohydrates are a necessary part of a diet, providing the body with t... More »

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Foods that can be eaten while on a low-carb diet include lean proteins such as seafood and poultry, foods containing monounsaturated fats and fruits and vegetables with low levels of starch. Foods that should be avoided ... More »

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The Atkins diet website features an extensive list of low-carb foods acceptable to eat during phase one of its plan. Individuals who enjoy working out can check out the list of 40 low-carb food items compiled by Bodybuil... More »

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Carb cycling is a dieting approach in which an individual alternates between consuming high and low amounts of carbohydrates, according to FitnessRX for Women. Carbohydrate intake is important to the body because it is d... More »

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A no-carb, no-sugar diet plan is one that prohibits the consumption of all carbohydrates, including sugar. A more common diet allows some carbohydrates each day, but the amount is drastically less than what the average p... More »

A no-carbohydrate diet meal plan excludes the consumption of all foods containing carbohydrates and should not be a long-term diet plan, notes MDhealth.com. Foods that can be part of a no-carb diet meal plan include meat... More »

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