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Use older analog TVs to play video tapes, DVDs, watch cable or satellite television and play older video games. A clever way to re-purpose your TV set is to make it into a flower planter, especially if it is large and box shaped.


Oxygen is a vital element and has various purposes, the most important of which is for breathing. Animals and humans require oxygen in the air and water to breathe and live. Most forms of combustion also require oxygen to burn. The more oxygen, the hotter and larger the fire: a reason why some fire


Nitrogen is used by organisms in the form of nitrate to build DNA and RNA, and to construct amino acids. Commercially, nitrogen is used in the creation of steel and electronics.


Logos are used to identity businesses, organizations or products in a unique and recognizable manner. Logos are distinctive graphics or images that set companies or individuals apart from each other to promote awareness of their brands. Groups often adopt logos to represent their message. Logos can


A major benefit of using used auto parts is their considerably lower price when compared to similar new parts. People who buy used auto parts also help the environment by placing a smaller demand on metals used to make car parts, states Streetdirectory. Consumers may purchase used auto parts at salv


A delivery note is used to confirm that a shipment has been received. The delivery note is signed by the buyer or the buyer's representative upon delivery. A copy is then given to the seller and can be used as proof of delivery.


A spring balance is a weighing apparatus used in industries to measure the mass of different loads. It is also used in science experiments as a basic accelerometer. Spring balances are not legal for use in trade because the theory used to calibrate them is only approximate. Similarly, the spring use


Some of the most common uses for used power poles include incorporation into existing buildings as well as being used as sign posts, livestock fencing, billboard poles and in the construction of piers. Many utility companies and county public works departments also recycle old power poles for use in


Old traffic signals are sometimes used in decorating a game room or boy's room. Aside from being interesting lighting fixtures, traffic signals can control outdoor games like "Red Light, Green Light" or serve as the starting signal for races.


Used food service trucks are primarily used in selling a variety of street-food items, including ice cream, hot dogs, pizza, snowballs, barbecue, popcorn, sushi, cheese fries, coffee and even fish. Obtaining a used food truck provides an inexpensive start into the mobile food industry.