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Planning for retirement? Use our guide to find the best annuity companies. Learn about the types of annuities. Read verified reviews. Top picks include American Equity, Prudential and MassMutual.


Fixed annuities are the simplest annuities to consider and they're best for many people, too. Below is a rough idea of how much income you might get from a fixed annuity based on quotes from early ...


Fixed annuities (a.k.a. multi-year guaranteed annuities or MYGAs) provide an insurer-guaranteed fixed rate of return for a set number of years. Here are the best fixed annuities available in 2019.


Purchasing an annuity is a significant step in your money management plan. But since each person’s situation is different, an annuity should be as customizable as possible to fit your needs. For this reason, we consider purchase and payout features to be an important factor in assessing which annuity company is the best for consumers overall.


Annuities are looking better than they have in years, thanks to rising interest rates and regulatory efforts. Barron’s evaluated the landscape and chose the best.


We researched the best annuities for seniors, considering factors like annual fees, withdrawal charges, customer service, overall ratings, and much more. So if you’re close to retirement and/or want to protect your assets with annuities, you’re in good hands with our top 10 list. 15.


The best way to plan a robust financial future is to do so in advance, and investing is one of the best ways to get the job done. Annuity contracts are an excellent way to prep for your best future.


In most cases, the simplest form of annuity is the best to buy -- the one known as a single premium immediate annuity.As the name implies, you make a one-time investment in the annuity and the ...


Since a $100,000 annuity will only provide about $9,000 a year for a 70-year-old, you may want to buy multiple annuities from assorted safe companies, says Hersh Stern, publisher of Annuity ...


Fixed-income annuities have never paid out so little, and yet had so much appeal. These annuities, which provide a lifetime of guaranteed income, are paying out 12% less, on average, than in 2011 ...